Initiative Filed to Overturn Oxnard Wastewater Rate Increases

Thanks to the support of so many of you, we have decided to take steps to overturn the sewer rate increases that are scheduled to increase a typical family's utility bill by $326 per year.

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The City Council voted two weeks ago to raise wastewater (sewer) rates by 88% ... and they are making plans for additional utility rate hikes for water and solid waste (garbage collection) sometime after March.

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City Council Approves Wastewater Increase, Hits Pause on Water and Solid Waste

The story is not over yet, and it took an interesting plot twist Tuesday night at the 2nd reading of the utility rate increases.

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TV News Coverage of Utility Rate Increase Hearing

Here are links to the KEYT Channel 3 coverage of our protest effort and the utility rate increase hearing on January 19, 2016.

News from Oxnard's Utility Rate Increase Hearing

Though we are disappointed at the stubbornness of the Oxnard City Council in forging ahead Tuesday night with abusive utility rate increases, we are so very proud of the residents of Oxnard.

THANK YOU for showing up by the hundreds on a rainy night to send a message to our elected officials!  And thank you to those who patiently waited and then mustered the courage to speak during the hearing!  It was a night many of us will remember for a long time.

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How Do I File a Protest Against the 60% Utility Increase?

It is easy, but the first thing you need to know is that TIME IS SHORT!!  The protest forms must be RECEIVED by the city clerk before the end of the public hearing on TUESDAY, January 19, 2016 at 6:00 p.m. at Oxnard City Hall (305 W Third St).

Get your protest form on page 2 of this document.

At this late date, it might not arrive in time if you just drop it in the mail.  The best option is to bring it in person to the hearing on Tuesday night because the more people that are present the better!  If you can’t make it to the hearing, to be sure it arrives on time, deliver it in person to the city clerk’s office at 305 W Third St some time before the hearing.

Former Oxnard Official Opposes Utility Rate Hike Plan

We tracked down Ken Ortega, the former Oxnard Public Works Director, to get his opinion on the city's proposal to increase utility rates for water, sewer and garbage by 60%, or $750 per year for a typical household.

It's difficult to find someone on the outside with his expertise and knowledge of the inner workings of utilities in Oxnard.

It turns out he largely agrees with our position that these rate hikes cannot be justified. We asked him to write a letter stating his position.


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Oxnard Pensions for Dumpster Diving?

Sometimes you have to dig deep to find the facts.  When we dug into a two-word phrase in the city’s cost-of-service study, we were surprised to learn what kind of digging Oxnard’s ratepayers might soon be paying for.

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Fire Sale on Recycled Water

The City of Oxnard intends to charge some ratepayers less and expects you to pay the difference.

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The Not-So-GREAT Oxnard Water Recycling Facility

Oxnard wants to raise your city utility rates by 60% so that they can spend $1.23 BILLION on capital improvement projects.  Many of these so-called “improvements” will not provide value to ratepayers.  

For example, according to pages 14-15 of the cost-of-service report produced for the city by outside consultants, $254 million of that is proposed to be spent to expand the water recycling facility, dubbed by the city as the “GREAT Program”.

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