The Not-So-GREAT Oxnard Water Recycling Facility

Oxnard wants to raise your city utility rates by 60% so that they can spend $1.23 BILLION on capital improvement projects.  Many of these so-called “improvements” will not provide value to ratepayers.  

For example, according to pages 14-15 of the cost-of-service report produced for the city by outside consultants, $254 million of that is proposed to be spent to expand the water recycling facility, dubbed by the city as the “GREAT Program”.

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Is Oxnard Making False Claim to Sell Utility Rate Hikes?

Oxnard’s government is going all out to sell you on proposed 60% utility rate increases that will cost the typical household an extra $750 per year. 

But can you trust their sales pitch?

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Higher Utility Rates - Oxnard Hopes You Won't Notice This

Here are some things Oxnard hopes you won’t notice about the proposed increases to Oxnard’s water, wastewater, and solid waste rates… 

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Oxnard Proposes 60% Utility Rate Increase

The City of Oxnard is proposing very large increases for the utility services they provide.  If the city council approves it, for a typical single family household in Oxnard:

  • Water rates will increase by 66% over the next four years
  • Wastewater rates will increase by 88%
  • Garbage collection rates (solid waste) will increase by 23%
  • It will cost about $750 extra each year for these utilities combined

And that’s not all.  The city is also proposing automatic annual increases without a requirement that they give you future opportunities to protest those future increases.

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VC Star Article on Utility Rate Protest

The Ventura County Star is covering our effort to organize protests against Oxnard's proposed 60% utility rate increases.

Click here to read the full article on the VC Star website.

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