Taxes and Fees

Our aim is to make taxes and fees reasonable.

Unfortunately, many serving in local government do not appreciate that residents and businesses deserve value for their money.

For example, the fees charged for basic government services, such as water, waste water and solid waste services are already excessive for the value delivered. City Hall is attempting to raise the costs for these basic services without delivering extra value. We believe this is inappropriate, so we are on the forefront of the battle to protect every resident from these unfair increases.

In addition, Oxnard’s business taxes are among the highest in Ventura County. Our high local business taxes reduce Oxnard’s competitiveness as a business destination and encourage businesses to locate in other nearby cities, reducing local job opportunities.

If you share our belief that fees and taxes need to be reasonable and commensurate with the services provided, we want you to join us in Moving Oxnard Forward.

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