Oxnard Will Not Appeal Judge's Order

Perhaps we got the Oxnard City Council’s attention when word got back to them that Judge Rocky Baio agreed to a hearing this Thursday, where we were to present our case for citing the City as being in contempt of court for not following his order to issue us the paperwork needed to start gathering signatures.

When the City Council emerged from closed session tonight, the City Attorney announced they had unanimously agreed to NOT appeal the judge’s order that the City Attorney immediately provide us the paperwork we have been fighting for.

It’s unfortunate they dragged us all through this nonsense.

Thanks to all who helped convince the City Council to stop wasting taxpayer money on attorneys to help them deny our constitutional rights.

We presume that means the city will now actually comply with the judge’s order and provide the long-awaited “title and summary” so we can collect signatures for the initiative to repeal 87% wastewater rate increases.  We look forward to receiving it.

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