City of Oxnard Sues Aaron Starr Over Wastewater Initiative

On March 8, Moving Oxnard Forward President Aaron Starr filed paperwork with the city of Oxnard to begin the process of placing an initiative on the November ballot which would overturn the recent wastewater utility increases.  The city attorney then had 15 days by law to prepare a title and summary for the initiative.

On the afternoon of the 15th day, instead of providing the required title and summary...

...the city instead filed a suit against Aaron Starr as the initiative's proponent.  The city alleges that the initiative is unlawful, thus they request that a court provide declaratory relief from their duty to write a title and summary for it.

Click here to see the suit approved in closed session by the Oxnard City Council and filed by the Oxnard City Attorney.

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Click here to see the related Citizens Journal article.



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