Measure B's Transparency Veto

Fun Fact:  Oxnard Measure B’s “transparency” provisions include veto clauses.  

Yes, you read that correctly.  Copied straight from the text of Measure B:

“All agreements requiring City Council approval must be posted on the City’s website and made available to the public prior to City Council action unless determined otherwise by the city attorney."

"All labor agreements and all agreements greater than $200,000 must be posted on the City’s website and be made available to the public at least 10 days prior to City Council action, unless waived by a two-thirds vote of the City Council.

You can read this yourself on page 56 of your voter guide. There are NO limitations in this veto language … it can be done for ANY reason.

This is just one of the dirty tricks written into Measure B ... which is really an incumbent protection act.

It uses opinion poll-tested buzzwords like “accountability” and “transparency” to trick you into extending council term limits ... and handcuffing the city council’s political challengers.

And City Hall is shamelessly spending YOUR money on political consultants and glossy mail pieces to get YOU to vote for it.

For more information about Measure B and the many reasons to vote against it, see our more complete article.

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