Well ... This Might Tee You Off

The City Council is about to raise YOUR water costs to subsidize the River Ridge Golf Course.

For years the old guard on the city council has complained about the golf course subsidies while pointing the finger of blame at “previous administrations.”  City management is falsely telling the public that this new contract will stop the subsidies of the past (often over $1 million/year).

However, the city plans to continue the subsidies for River Ridge Golf Course, and tonight’s city council agenda includes a new operator contract for the facility with subsidies built right into the contract language.

For example, Section 6.3 of the proposed contract says that upon its execution the city will:

cause the sum of $500,000.00 (the “Working Capital Amount”) to be deposited into the Operating Account as initial working capital for the Facility.”

Also in Section 6.3 of that agreement, it states the city:

“shall deposit into the Operating Account all funds required for Manager to operate and maintain the Facility and to maintain the Practice Fields in accordance with this Agreement and the Annual Plans, including, without limitation, funds for Manager to timely fund Operating Deficits, if any.

The city merely HOPES that the new operator will generate a profit, but if it does not, the taxpayers are on the hook to pay for the losses.

In addition, the city is proposing a scheme to take a groundwater well currently owned by Oxnard's water utility and transfer it at a bargain-basement price to the golf course.

Ostensibly, they tell the public this is to reduce the costs of operating the golf course.

In reality, they are giving the golf course cheaper groundwater ... and compelling you and other water ratepayers to buy more expensive imported water to make up the shortfall.

Well … well … isn’t that par for the course?


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