We're Qualified for the Ballot!

A message from our President.


As reported in the Ventura County Star, we are delighted to report that the Ventura County Registrar of Voters has certified that our initiative, Repealing Oxnard's Increases of Wastewater Rates Act, has enough signatures to be placed on this November's ballot.

We are appreciative of Ventura County Registrar Mark Lunn and his office for validating our signatures in only one week.

We continue to be impressed with our 61 volunteers who worked so diligently, helping us gather nearly 4,000 signatures in only 16 days. With their extraordinary achievement – a 75.6% validity rate – the number of valid signatures collected is more than double the number required to put this on the ballot.

Now the ball is in the City Council’s court. It is time for the Oxnard City Council to abandon their undemocratic and twice-failed legal maneuvers designed to deprive us of the right to vote on our utility rates.

If you support our efforts to make taxes and fees reasonable, remove barriers to local job creation, focus City Hall on the basics, and bring transparency and accountability to local government, then sign up as a volunteer at www.movingoxnardforward.org/volunteer.

Working together, we will reform City Hall.


Aaron Starr, President
Moving Oxnard Forward

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