Victory on Measure M - Oxnard Votes Yes to Pay Less

The people of Oxnard have spoken. No, they have roared! 

Semi-official results from Tuesday's election delivered a great victory for working families and small businesses in Oxnard.

Measure M was adopted 23,446 to 9,085 – meaning that 72.1% of the voters heeded our call to "Vote YES to Pay Less."

Voters understood the City was being abusive with their 87% sewer rate increase. 

Hopefully, our message to City Hall was crystal clear – “Don't be lavish with our money.”

Election results can be found on the website of the Ventura County Clerk and Registrar of Votes  You will need to either change the page settings to show all results on one page, or skip a few pages to find "Measure M - Oxnard Wastewater Rate".

Click here for the VCStar article noting the passage of Measure M.


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