Three out of Four Ain't Bad

Great election news concerning three of our four citizen-sponsored measures on the November 3, 2020 ballot!

  • Measure F (“Oxnard Permit Simplicity Act”) has been adopted with 50.71% of the vote, with a winning margin of 934 votes. Faithfully implemented, this measure will streamline the permit process in Oxnard and bring more jobs to our community.

  • Measure M (“Oxnard Open Meetings Act”) won with 57.23% of the vote, and a margin of 9,231 votes. Among other features, this measure requires that weekday council meetings start no earlier than 5 pm.

  • Measure N (“Keeping the Promise for Oxnard Streets Act”) earned 51.76% of the vote, winning by 2,277 votes. This measure requires that the city improve our streets & alleys or else the city will no longer be allowed to impose a half-cent sales tax the voters adopted in 2008.

Oxnard voters have adopted three out of our four reform measures.  Of course, the city is still suing us over Measure M and Measure N, so there's more work to be done, but we're up to the challenge.

Stand tall, Oxnard, you did well!

Because of you, we are Moving Oxnard Forward!

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