The Ugly Truth About LMDs

We all know that Oxnard City Hall does a poor job of maintaining public landscapes. Just look at the overgrown weeds and unpruned trees.

Even the people who live in a Landscape Maintenance District (LMD) – and pay an extra assessment on their property tax bill – do not receive the services promised.

Adding insult to injury, Oxnard City Hall misspends the money and lies about it.

How do we know?

Well, we have the proof on video … and we want you to view it for yourself.

Click here to see our sixteen-minute video, which exposes City Hall’s systemic mismanagement of the LMDs – using the City’s OWN documents – and reveals how the City:

  • hides how it actually spends the money
  • overspends on administrative costs, leaving less money to do the actual landscape work
  • charges you too much
  • and makes you pay for someone else’s expenses

Watching this video is probably going to make you angry.

And it should! But it will also make you wiser.

In just a few minutes and with some clear examples, you’ll soon understand why Oxnard City Hall only wants to give you high-level summaries of their finances ... lest you see what really happens underneath.

Perhaps details like this are why the city council has for years refused to let the public see an LMD admin fee audit they commissioned.

But there is a way to stop City Hall’s abuse.

We are committed to using the initiative process to empower voters in affected neighborhoods who want to remove those LMD assessment from their property tax bills, but we need your help as a volunteer to make this happen.

We will train you how to go door-to-door to gather the small number of signatures required from each affected neighborhood.

A small band of us can qualify an initiative for the ballot in a single weekend, and people will really appreciate you giving them the opportunity to reduce their property tax bills.

Help yourself and your community by making a difference.

Please contact us today to become a volunteer.

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