The Plot Thickens

Interesting developments in Oxnard's wastewater rate saga...

As you might recall, on December 8 Judge Rocky Baio granted the City of Oxnard’s request for a temporary restraining order on Measure M, our initiative that rejected the City’s 87% sewer rate increase. In effect, the judge hit the pause button on Measure M’s reduction of rates until this matter goes to trial, at which time the judge can decide who is right.

Because the judge is keeping the law from going into effect ... at least for the time being ... the city was scheduled to implement their next 10% increase effective January 1 (on top of the 35% increase already imposed on us last March).

In the meantime, there’s much happening behind the scenes.

Last Thursday, Oxnard City Manager Greg Nyhoff informed the city council in an email that he has “made the decision to not implement the 10% rate increase for January 1, 2017 at this time.” One can never be certain as to the real reasons for this move. Whatever they may be, we are glad that ratepayers will get at least some relief.

Another positive development – as a result of our sit-down discussions with Mayor Flynn – is that the City Manager has agreed to have our team sit down with city staff to resume our review of the city’s wastewater rate model so that we can help develop a reasonable replacement. We welcome this. You may recall that our team was actually working with staff on this process before Thanksgiving … until the city’s attorneys put the kibosh on it. 

And while we welcome what appears to be progress … we will not rest on our laurels. We will continue our efforts at discovery in anticipation that we will ultimately need to defend ourselves and fellow residents at an eventual trial. Of course, while we will work with the city in good faith, we must prepare as though they have no intention of treating us in the same manner.  

Politics is never dull in this city.

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