Term Limits Victory

We never want to jump the gun when it comes to predicting an election outcome, but with almost 90% of the votes counted so far, we can confidently proclaim that Oxnard Measure C (“the Oxnard Term Limits Act”) is passing … and with a decisive 56% of the vote!

You should have been offered this choice two years earlier, in November 2020, but late is better than never.

The Oxnard City Council did everything it could to thwart democracy and prevent you from voting on this, using sleight of hand to keep Measure C off the ballot … until we had a court order it onto the ballot.

Even after our victory in court, the fight continued, spilling over into the ballot arguments.

The City Council vigorously opposed Measure C, arguing that voters should allow council members to stay in office for three consecutive terms … and then be able to exploit a loophole to stay much longer.

In contrast, we championed Measure C, the strong two-term limit initiative that was qualified for the ballot after almost six months of hard work gathering more than 12,000 signatures.

Well, it appears that our argument better resonated with voters. They made their collective decision.

This is your victory!

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