Secret Salaries at Oxnard City Hall

Oxnard City Manager Alexander Nguyen claims to have greatly increased transparency at City Hall.


California’s 482 cities are required to report employee wages and benefits to the California State Controller each year.

Can you guess which four cities did not disclose that information for 2019?

As of today, those four cities are: Compton, Ione, Roseville … and Oxnard.

See for yourself at this link: Government Compensation in California

It shows Oxnard as “Failed to File.”  (See image below for a screen shot of what it looks like as of the posting of this article.)

You know things are really bad in Oxnard when even the City of Bell reports this information on a timely basis – and their corrupt finances are legendary.

The motivation for not being transparent is obvious.

The City of Oxnard wants you to vote for Measure E, a massive 1.5% sales tax increase ... with no end date!

That will double the City’s tax from 1.5% to 3%, making it the HIGHEST city rate in California: a dubious achievement shared only by Santa Cruz and Watsonville.

Oxnard City Hall doesn’t want you to see the impact of last year’s managerial pay raises – at the same time they cut funding for libraries, youths and seniors.

And this lack of transparency is one more reason to be very skeptical about the Measure E sales tax increase. unreported cities as of 9/26/20

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