Post-Recall Analysis

On May 1, 2018 we came close to ending some political careers! Over 47% of the electorate voted to remove Mayor Flynn from office … not knowing which candidate might replace him. That is quite a statement!

Since the election we have had an opportunity to further study the results.

Did you know that more precincts voted to remove Flynn from office than to keep him? In fact, Flynn's small win can be explained by the margin of victory he had in just three precincts.

Had more of our 17,000 petition signers come to the polls, we would have a very different city council today. It did not happen this time. However, we are proud knowing that each time we engage City Hall we come closer to meeting our goal of reforming Oxnard.

We remain determined and undeterred. And we are thankful to those who share our commitment.

Of course, we shall resume Moving Oxnard Forward!

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