Oxnard Proposes 60% Utility Rate Increase

The City of Oxnard is proposing very large increases for the utility services they provide.  If the city council approves it, for a typical single family household in Oxnard:

  • Water rates will increase by 66% over the next four years
  • Wastewater rates will increase by 88%
  • Garbage collection rates (solid waste) will increase by 23%
  • It will cost about $750 extra each year for these utilities combined

And that’s not all.  The city is also proposing automatic annual increases without a requirement that they give you future opportunities to protest those future increases.

We think that’s outrageous, and we urge you to work with us to send a message to the city council before they agree to do this. 

Watch your mail for a protest ballot we mailed to all Oxnard residents and businesses. The Ventura County Star published an article about our efforts and included a copy of our ballot.  It's important that you complete and mail in this protest ballot post card as soon as possible. We are even paying for the return postage.

How you can help oppose the proposed rate increase:

1)  Please like our Facebook page and share it with others.

2)  Visit our website frequently to receive important facts about the proposal and what you can do to help fight it.  

3)  Join us to receive updates/reminders, and volunteer to help spread the word about how to file a protest.

4)  Complete and return the protest ballot we mailed to you.  If you missed the mailer we sent, the city also has prepared a protest ballot that you may use. Get your PROTEST BALLOT on page 2 of this document and mail it in today!! 

5)  It's very important that you attend the January 19, 2016 public hearing at 6:00 pm in Oxnard City Hall (305 West Third Street).


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