News about Last Night's City Council Meeting

We received very good coverage from the media on last night's Oxnard City Council meeting.

Read excerpts below from Citizens Journal and Ventura County Star.

Citizens Journal: Opponents of Oxnard utility rate hike collect ballot signatures in only 2 weeks

As reported in Citizens Journal:

"Aaron Starr, leader of the Moving Oxnard Forward (MOF) civic activist group is determined to stop what he says are excessive aggregate 67% utility rate hikes which the City of Oxnard tried to ram through ... the Council dug its heels in on the wastewater increase ... Starr protested, filing a voter initiative to bypass the council and stop it.

"The Council fought back to prevent that, spending a bundle on legal fees instead of negotiating. Starr inflicted multiple humiliating defeats on the City attorney’s effort, including a court order forcing them to clear the ballot language.

"Meanwhile, MOF wasn’t actually able to start collecting the needed 1430 signatures until early May, with a May 20 deadline. Well, they amassed an army of 61 volunteers and actually obtained 3947 signatures, which they plunked down on the City Clerk’s counter"


Ventura County Star: Thousands sign voter petition to repeal Oxnard sewer rate hikes

As reported in the Ventura County Star:

"Aaron Starr, the man being sued by the city over his proposed initiative to repeal sewer rate increases, gave the panel his tally: 3,947 signatures gathered in 16 days.

"Some 1,430 valid voter signatures are needed by May 20 to put Starr's measure on the November ballot."
"Sixty-one volunteers were part of the effort."


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