Issuing a Building Permit in One Day

Time is short. If you are a professionally licensed general contractor, architect, or engineer who wants to get permits for your Oxnard projects in a single day, you need to act now.

And if you know such people, please forward them this message so they can do it, too!

To register for a training class (being held February 22 and February 23) to become certified to get permits in Oxnard in a single day, you need to send an email to [email protected] -- by next Monday, February 20 to let them know you wish to participate in the class.

And please let me know you sent that email by copying [email protected].

Here’s the deal. In 2020 Oxnard’s voters approved Measure F to adopt a Permit Simplicity program based on one pioneered by the City of Phoenix.

Oxnard City Hall has been slow-walking implementation, hiding the information on a webpage that only people who know to look for it would find, ignoring and stalling and dismissing anyone who dared to ask to be in the program, etc.

TODAY the City suddenly scheduled new dates for the training class to be in the program, but they’re just not really advertising it, probably hoping that almost no one will notice and register.

Instead, they just quietly updated an obscure webpage (Measure F – Oxnard Permit Simplicity Act — City Of Oxnard) -- only 10 days prior to the event date! -- to say the training is available on February 22-23, but you only have a few short days to register.

Only someone actively monitoring this obscure webpage would know about this newly scheduled class at all.

But we noticed, and we’re hoping to get the word out to those licensed professionals who do projects in Oxnard!

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