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Ventura County Star: SOAR, wastewater rate repeal to appear on Oxnard November ballot

"Initiatives concerning open-space laws and the repeal of a wastewater rate increase will appear on the Nov. 8 ballot in Oxnard following approval by the City Council this week.

The council voted to place the Wastewater Rate Repeal Initiative on the ballot, a measure headed by resident Aaron Starr. The initiative, which aims to roll back the utility rate increase approved by the council earlier this year, received the required 1,430 valid signatures to get on the ballot."

And a message from our President:

Special thanks to those volunteers who showed up at Tuesday's Oxnard City Council meeting on such short notice to provide moral support.

The City Council (albeit with a bit of grumbling) resigned itself to following the law and placing on the November ballot our initiative, Repealing Oxnard's Increases of Wastewater Rates Act.

The City Council could have delayed the decision 30 days by directing staff to prepare a report ...

... but imagine how foolish they would have appeared wasting time and money on yet another contradictory report on the wastewater fund's finances.

As matters currently stand, no more hurdles remain to prevent Oxnard voters from casting votes this November to repeal the City's 87% rate increase. Good job, everyone!

Remember: Vote Yes to Pay Less!


Aaron Starr, President
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