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Our name describes our mission.  We believe that city government should be a bridge — instead of a roadblock — for helping local businesses thrive and creating good paying jobs for Oxnard families.

Our aim is to make local government more efficient, to make sure that residents receive value for the taxes and fees they pay. Our city government should strive to provide quality services at a low cost.

Our pursuit is to make the reforms needed to improve our business climate and lower the cost of operating a business in Oxnard. By encouraging the conditions needed for businesses to flourish we will improve the lives of everyone in our city.

Our vision is to have City Hall focus more on the basics – such as roads, infrastructure and public safety. Toward that end, we are dedicated to reducing bureaucracy and improving the quality of local government services. In other words, we want to build a more effective city government by reducing its size and limiting its scope.

Our objective includes greater transparency in our local government’s operations and finances.  Government can only be held accountable when its citizens can easily examine and review its inner workings.

Our commitment is to accomplish those goals through community action.  We seek to promote the adoption, implementation and public awareness of policies that improve city government and build a stronger economy for Oxnard.  We will also help to better educate our community by publicizing the positions of elected officials on these critical issues. 

We will inform.  We will advocate.  We will win.

If you share our goals …

If you want to be kept informed …

If you want to engage in positive and constructive action …

If you want to be part of Moving Oxnard Forward …

We invite you to join us.

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