Over the summer and early fall we worked diligently to gather 8,401 valid signatures for each of five different reform measures to be placed on the Oxnard ballot in November 2020.

On Monday, October 28, we submitted over 62,000 signatures, more than 12,000 signatures on each of the 5 petitions!

If we’re right, Oxnard is about to become the first city in California – and perhaps the country – to have its citizens qualify five ballot measures at the same time.

How much paper does it take to do that?  About this much:

62,000 initiative petition signatures

We had great conversations with Oxnard residents at stores, farmers markets and front porches.

If you were one of nearly 13,000 people who spoke with us and signed our petitions, thank you very much!

Our five different reform measures are as follows:

    • Road Repairs – Requires city hall to improve city streets and alleys over time as a condition for continued collection of “Measure O” sales tax. They’ll only continue to get paid if they do the work!
    • Transparency – Makes the elected City Treasurer accountable for the city’s financial functions; requires online posting of city expenditures and their supporting documents; requires the finance department to hire a certified public accountant and publish monthly financial statements; and requires the publishing of performance measurements for city departments.
    • Open Meetings – Requires city council and other city legislative bodies meet no earlier than 5:00 pm (with a few exceptions); requires training on the use of Robert’s Rules to enable better run meetings; requires advance videotaping of staff presentations to allow more time for public comments; and expands the right of the public to comment on agenda items and make use of video presentations.
    • Term Limits – The Mayor and the City Council to be limited to two consecutive terms, requiring a two-year break before becoming eligible to serve again.
    • Permit Simplicity – Implements a program that will enable the city to issue permits in a single day, making it easier for business owners to bring higher paying jobs to Oxnard and for homeowners to improve their homes. Similar programs have been successful in other cities.

Now we wait for the Ventura County Registrar of Voters to validate that we submitted a sufficient number. We’ll keep you updated.


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